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Our programs

Intensive/Outpatient Mental
Health Counseling Program


Kwenyan Professionals offers different levels of treatment to ensure you are getting the services that are right for you. We currently offer two programs, the intensive /outpatient mental health counseling program and intensive/outpatient substance abuse program. Our Phillipsburg, NJ, outpatient mental health program includes assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for mental illness and psychiatric symptoms. This program is available for all ages, from child to adult, and will provide comprehensive care and symptom management for a broad range of mental health concerns, with our signature focus on individualized treatment.

Substance Use Disorder Program


Our substance abuse counseling program offers various levels of care for both adolescents and adults, dependent upon your needs. We can assess and evaluate the severity of the problem and then recommend the care level that will best treat your substance abuse as well as any co-occurring disorders. This program really focuses on individualized treatment at all stages of care, and we emphasize the importance of education about the disease of addiction, the awareness of the need for personal recovery, and the development of crucial coping skills to help you in your recovery.


Transportation plays an important role in accessing mental health/psychiatric services for families who can not afford one. For other parents, the cumulative time spent transporting their child/ren to and from therapy as well as the waiting time can be stressful and tends to take up a huge amount of time away from their personal lives. To address these concerns, Kwenyan's fleet of 14-seater vans provide transportation to it's clients from and to schools, homes and other designated locations.


When a person is faced with difficulties in life, it is very common to be confused by a mass of questions that come to mind. During such a time, having the right information can help you to make the best decision for your future. Below are answers to the two primary questions individuals face prior to starting counseling. It is our hope that these answers will help you make an informed decision concerning your life and well-being.

Why do I need therapy?

Sometimes, when faced with stress and life’s daily struggles, we have the urge to talk it over with friends or family. The problem with this is that it is very likely for friends and relatives to give each other feedback based on how they feel, which at times can be biased, and can lack the thought and honesty that is often needed to work through a situation.  When a person is faced with major challenges in life, it is better to speak with a professional who is trained and experienced in the mental health field, as they will have the tools, knowledge, and time to be able to help you overcome your challenges and get your life back on track.

How do I know if therapy is right for me?

If you are struggling to get through every day or if you just feel like you can’t handle a lot of things life throws at you, therapy could be beneficial for you. Therapy, in reality, can be looked at as talking about your life and your problems to someone who is attentive, objective, and trained to actually be able to help you. Therapy can help you think more deeply about situations, talk you through different possibilities, and help you confront tough emotions or problems so that you can find solutions for them. There are also counselors and psychiatrists who specialize in different fields, so if you are diagnosed with a disorder, they can be the first line of support and know how to help you navigate your diagnosis while giving you skills to cope. If you suffer from substance abuse and addiction, therapy can also give you the tools, strength, and confidence to tackle it and stay clean.

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